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In fact that we use other's tutorials for different problems we want to support you on this way too. In our tutorials we will first focus on web design with HTML/CSS and sometimes include different script languages. Because Photoshop is a program with a huge number of functions (we only know about 30% of them), it is not helpful to use it for tutorials (there are enough others who do that). If you have special wishes for tutorials that we should make, just tell us. We are happy about every support we get.


Music is a growing part in our lives, so we decided to compose the beautiful sounds for our films on our own. The sounds will basicly be synthesized or played on the piano. We don't know yet, if we offer them as free download or protect them from download. All that is certain at the moment is that you will be able to listen to them. But when we start producing music you will be directly informed either on the news page or per newsletter.